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David Ramsey’s Arrow workout and diet plan

It takes a special person to convincingly play a bodyguard of a superhero, but that’s exactly what actor David Ramsey does as John Diggle on the Arrow television series on The CW.  As Diggle, Ramsey begins as the bodyguard for Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, who doubles as the Green Arrow. Over time, the character of Diggle […]

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How to do Smith Machine Squats

Be it personal preference or access to equipment, you may want to sometimes perform your front or back squats with the use of a Smith machine. The video and explanation below will show you how to do Smith machine squats with proper technique. Smith machine squats might not be a perfect alternative to traditional back […]

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5 Best Smith Machine Squat Alternatives

Doing squats on a Smith machine are popular in the fitness community, but they might not be the best exercise for muscle size and strength growth. Below are 5 of the best Smith machine squat alternatives. Barbell Back Squat Yes, the most obvious alternative to Smith machine squats is the classic barbell back squat. This […]

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Medicine Ball Twists: 5 Techniques and Variations

When most people want to work their core, their mind immediately goes towards a variety of ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups. These movements only target the abs and neglect the obliques and lower back, which are crucial to a strong and functional core. Restricting yourself to just a few core exercises will severely limit […]

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Best Smith Machine for Sale

  • February 7, 2017
  • / By Tom

When looking for home or garage gym equipment, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the potential options. It’s an even bigger problem when you are on a strict budget with limited options. For some people, a Smith machine might be the a good addition because of its versatility. Below, you can find what […]

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