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Medicine Ball Lunges: 5 Techniques and Variations

  • March 12, 2019
  • / By Tom

Lunges are one of the most popular exercises around for your lower body.  While they are commonly performed with dumbbells, barbells, or bodyweight as resistance, medicine balls can also be used. Below you will find 5 variations of medicine ball lunges. Medicine Ball Reverse Lunges Reverse lunges are a great alternative to traditional lunges. They […]

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Best Roman Chair/Back Extension Machine for Sale

Basic back extensions on a Roman chair. Photo credit – Wikimedia A Roman Chair isn’t the most essential piece of equipment when starting a home or garage gym, but that doesn’t mean one can’t come in handy. Roman chairs allow you to perform a variety of different exercises that will target your abs, lower back, glutes, […]

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Mike Colter’s workout and diet tips

If you are to be known as a hero for hire, you better be able to intimidate the bad guys.  Mike Colter, who portrays Luke Cage aka Power Man in Netflix’s Jessica Jones as well as his own series, is more than capable of pulling that off. Colter mixes up traditional strength training workouts to go with […]

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David Ramsey’s Arrow workout and diet plan

It takes a special person to convincingly play a bodyguard of a superhero, but that’s exactly what actor David Ramsey does as John Diggle on the Arrow television series on The CW.  As Diggle, Ramsey begins as the bodyguard for Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, who doubles as the Green Arrow. Over time, the character of Diggle […]

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Medicine Ball Twists: 5 Techniques and Variations

When most people want to work their core, their mind immediately goes towards a variety of ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups. These movements only target the abs and neglect the obliques and lower back, which are crucial to a strong and functional core. Restricting yourself to just a few core exercises will severely limit […]

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