7 Best Tennis Websites

best tennis websites

If you are looking for information on tennis, there are plenty of good resources on the web for you. Below are 7 of the best tennis websites, in no particular order, for training and technical information as well as info for fans of the sports who want to follow professional players.

Tennis Magazine

Tennis Magazine is one of the most well-known names in the industry and has been in publication since 1954 and is owned by Miller Publishing Group. Their website, at www.tennis.com, is stacked with information that covers all aspects of the sport for both athletes and fans.

Fans of the sport can keep updated with all of the news, scores, and TV schedules from professional tennis across the globe. They also have videos and articles about training and technique for the sport, which comes from a variety of different experts in the field.

Tennis Channel

Tennis Channel is the only television channel that is completely devoted at all times to the sport of tennis. It was founded in 2003 to cover both entertainment as well as practical information for players. It covers the sport from all angles, including the news, fitness, and entertainment aspects.

Their website is at tennischannel.com and provides even more comprehensive coverage of the sport. There you can find information on the channel, such as how you can watch it and what the TV schedule is, as well as current info about the sport. You’ll be able to catch up on current events as well as learn tips for your own personal training.

Tennis Now

Tennis Now Magizine’s site, at www.tennisnow.com, covers all of the major topics of the sport. This website is for both fans and players because of all the different types of content that it provides. For fans, there is live scores, rankings, TV schedules, news, player stats, and much more.

There is also instructional information for tennis on the site. This includes articles and videos that focus on improving your form and taking the right mental approach to playing your matches. There is also content on more to read about your training and how to keep up with the sport.

ATP World Tour

The Association of Tennis Professionals website, at www.atpworldtour.com, provides all the information fans need to keep up with the ATP World Tour. This includes upcoming schedules and scores of past matches.There is also rankings for all players, including historical data for both singles and doubles competition.

The site also has news articles that cover current events both on and off the court as well as information on upcoming tournaments. All of this is delivered with a combination of articles, photos, and videos to cover the ATP from all angles.

Women’s Tennis Association

The Women’s Tennis Association, founded in 1973, has a great site at www.wtatennis.com, that covers all the news related to women’s tennis current events. Here you can find information on your favorite players, including profiles and stats, as well as information on upcoming matches and tournaments.

The site has a schedule on upcoming tournaments to go with a live scoreboard and stats. You can also find player rankings for both singles and doubles, as well as news articles, photos, and videos. There is also information for athletes that covers the health of tennis, including the fitness and nutrition aspects of the sport.

United States Tennis Association

The United States Tennis Association, a www.usta.com, is full of great resources for athletes. It covers all aspects for players, including youth, college, and adult training. This includes basic information on how to play the sport and how to find a coach you can work with.

There are plenty of other resources, also. There is information for coaches, including how to get into it and how to improve, and information for facility managers about how to get the most out of your courts. You can also find where to find a league if you are looking to play.

International Tennis Federation

The International Tennis Federation, at www.itftennis.com, is full of information pertaining to news of the sport. This includes tournament info for men, women, juniors, seniors, and wheelchair divisions. You can find results, news, and upcoming schedules on the website.


There are many other resources out there than those listed, but these 7 are among the best tennis websites available for everything from beginner and advanced practice and instruction to news, scores, schedule, and highlights for fans to keep current with the sport.
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