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NBA Draft Combine Drills and Records

The NBA Draft Combine takes place every may as an opportunity for prospects to show their stuff to front office personnel through a series of tests. But what exactly are all the NBA Draft Combine drills and what are all of their records and best results over the years? Photo By: Basket Streaming NBA Draft […]

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5 Adult Basketball Training Rules

  • October 1, 2015
  • / By Tom

Photo By: Håkan Dahlström Playing basketball is a great way for adults to stay in shape and compete against others. If you haven’t played in a while though, you’ll have to train smart to be injury-free and get the most out of it. Whether you are looking to join an adult rec league or just […]

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Who has the biggest hands in the NBA?

The NBA has measured the length and width of rookie prospect hands since the 2010 combine. Who has the biggest hands in the NBA? Based on combine data, the Orlando Magic’s Andrew Nicholson has the biggest hands in the NBA by length at 10 inches, and Greg Smith of the Minnesota Timberwolves has the widest hands of […]

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The Longest Wingspan in NBA Draft Combine History

In recent years, wingspan and length have become buzzwords when talking about NBA Draft prospects. There have been some insane wingspan lengths measured for incoming rookies in recent years, with the longest wingspan in the NBA currently belonging to Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, who measured in at 7’8.5″. Below is a list of […]

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NBA Draft Combine Bench Press Records

As part of the NBA Draft Combine each year, prospects who compete in the strength and agility drills are tested on their upper-body strength with the 185 pound bench press test. The best NBA Draft Combine Bench Press results since the year 2000 can be found below. The NBA Draft Combine uses 185 pounds on […]

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