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Best Roman Chair/Back Extension Machine for Sale

Basic back extensions on a Roman chair. Photo credit – Wikimedia A Roman Chair isn’t the most essential piece of equipment when starting a home or garage gym, but that doesn’t mean one can’t come in handy. Roman chairs allow you to perform a variety of different exercises that will target your abs, lower back, glutes, […]

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Best Smith Machine for Sale

  • February 7, 2017
  • / By Tom

When looking for home or garage gym equipment, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the potential options. It’s an even bigger problem when you are on a strict budget with limited options. For some people, a Smith machine might be the a good addition because of its versatility. Below, you can find what […]

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The Best Home Leg Press Machine

Photo By: robertstinnett If you have the budget and the space, the leg press machine can be a valuable addition to your garage or home gym. The right piece of equipment can work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves and and be a versatile part of your leg training.  The best leg press machines for sale […]

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Best Calf Raise Machine for Sale

A demonstration of seated calf raise technique – Photo By: Wikipedia Seated or standing calf raises are perhaps the most popular exercises for anyone looking to add size and strength to their calf muscles. If you have the free space and the budget, a machine could be useful in your home or garage gym. But […]

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The Best Leverage Squat Machine

Leverage squat machines are among the more obscure pieces of fitness equipment and not all commercial gyms have one.  When used right, though, it can be a powerful tool to build size and strength in the lower body muscles without putting unnecessary stress on the back and knees. If you have the space, they are a […]

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