3 Non-Vanity Reasons Everyone Should Strength Train

There are a slew of benefits related to resistance training. One common reason people begin weight training is because they hope to improve their body composition by burning fat, building muscle, or both. The benefits of strength training go far past simple vanity reasons, though. Here are the 3 main reasons everyone should be strength training regularly:

1. Physical Health – The physical health benefits of resistance training are immense. According to the Better Health Channel, the quality of nearly every day-to-day activity can be improved. Strength, endurance, and mobility can all be improved, while risk of injury can be lowered. These can improve quality of life no matter what the individual’s age is.

There are also physical health benefits that can be less noticeable in day-to-day activity, but are just as important. These include joint and bone health, a boost in metabolism, and an improvement of many of the body’s behind-the-scenes functioning.

2. Mental Health – Improvements in mental health are an often overlooked factor in strength training. Many people note they simply feel better when they are strength training, but that undervalues the powerful impact strength training can have on your mental health.

According to Amenda Ramirez and Len Kravitz, Ph.D., the list of mental health benefits is very large. Resistance training can improve memory, sleep quality, cognition, and self-esteem. Just as impressive are the things that resistance training can get rid of or reduce, which includes depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Everyone could benefit from an improvement in mental health.

3. Performance – Most athletes already recognize the crucial role strength training has on their performance. Improvements in strength, speed, endurance, and endurance are crucial for athletes.

Performance improvements aren’t just for competitive athletes, though. These performance benefits give a boost to individuals in their work and home life. They can be more productive in less time. In addition, they’ll also be more prepared to perform well and avoid injury if they ever want to compete in a local 5k or join a basketball league at their local YMCA, for example.

The fantastic benefits can positively impact almost all aspects of one’s life. It is important to note that strength training is a broad term and can refer to anything that makes muscles stronger. This can include traditional free weight training, but also kettlebell, medicine ball, bodyweight, and many other types of training. Anyone who wants the benefits above should consider adding strength training to their routine.