5 Summer Runs You May Want to Compete In

Summer is here and with it even many casual fitness fans are interested in getting outside and being active. Entering a race to run competitively can give you a goal to shoot for this summer and help the miles go by a little easier, as you will have something to train for. There is a race for almost anyone, whether you are about to log your first mile on the road, or are an experienced competitor looking for a new challenge. Below are five of the most popular races people want to try this summer.

  1. 5k/10k Road Race

    This is the most common type of run that people are interested in. It is a great goal for a beginning runner to complete their first 5k(3.1 miles). More experienced runners may look to try an 8k(5 miles) or a 10k(6.2). These races clearly aren’t just for beginners though. There are often many opportunities to compete locally which gives you plenty of chances to lower your time and show your progress from month-to-month or year-to-year. You can look for races in your area at Running in the USA. The benefits of  a road race is that you can probably find a race locally almost every weekend from spring until fall, which gives you plenty of opportunities to compete.

  2. Half or Full Marathon

    These are much more advanced than the 5 or 10k in that a half marathon is 13.1 miles and a full marathon is 26.2 miles. While some decently fit individuals with little running experience can often get by in a 5k, you won’t want to enter a full or half marathon without some serious training. You’ll want to log major miles and find a good training program to put you on the right path. This is a great long-term goal for many runners and a lot of people have running a marathon on their bucket list. You can also look for races in your area at Running in the USA.

  3. Spartan Race

    Obstacle racing has been growing steadily in recent years and Spartan Races, which have been around since 2009, are a big reason why. You won’t know what this race entails until you start one, as each race is different. You may face obstacles such as crawling under barbed wire, climbing over a wall, flipping tires, crossing monkey bars, and many other kinds of crazy obstacles. The unpredictability is half the fun with a Spartan Race. If you are just a casual jogger, it would be a shock to your system and you’ll want to do some cross-training before entering one of these. If you also have experience lifting weights and training in unconventional ways, you might really enjoy a Spartan Race. You can look for Spartan Races near you on their website.

  4. Tough Mudder

    You’ll have to find some friends if you want to enter one these. Tough Mudder is a team obstacle course that is between 1o and 12 miles that has military-style obstacles. It’s not a timed event and is instead viewed as a way to build teamwork and camaraderie. If you are looking for a way to compete against yourself this isn’t it, but if you enjoy working together with a team you might enjoy it. Tough Mudders have been around since 2010. You can look for an event near you.

  5. Warrior Dash

    Warrior Dash, also founded in 2009, claims to be the world’s largest obstacle race series. It consists of 12 different kinds of wild obstacles, such as the famous Goliath and Great Warrior Wall. You can look for races near you.

Road running and obstacle course racing are a great way to spend your summer. Training for one or more of these is a great goal. These are just some of the more popular races and there are many more to choose from. What is your favorite race? Or is there something else you would like to try?