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You are probably here because you want to improve your performance in some way. Maybe you feel there is untapped potential inside of you or perhaps you are looking to really get started for the first time. What is the best way to progress? What information can you trust? How do you sort through all the noise that is out there?

What Postema Performance is All About...

This site was created for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone else looking to improve their mental and physical production. Postema Performance is all about finding the simple solution to complex issues and getting actionable results as quickly as possible. 

What is in it For You?

  • No-nonsense actionable advice - If you are looking for the latest fitness fads or want to get hyped up on some nifty marketing, you are in the wrong place. You should only be here if you want practical, proven information on how to reach your goals. 
  • Efficient Training - Training can consume your life if you let. Don't put yourself on a treadmill towards mediocrity. Learn to spend your time doing the most efficient exercises and mental training strategies and cut out the fluff that steals your time and energy. 
  • Simplified Approach - Reaching your goals can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Don't come here for complex terminology and jargon. Come here if you want the complex stuff broken down. 
  • Complete Approach - It's not just your training, your mental prep, or your nutrition individually. All of these things work together to create the performances you have. You need to take advantage of all of them. 

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About Tom Postema

Tom Postema has had a life-long passion of athletics and sports performance. He was a 4-time USTFCCCA All-American while at Defiance College and was the 2013 Division III National Champion in the hammer throw. He continues to compete in the hammer and weight throws. 

Postema has been training athletes formally and informally since he was in high school. In recent years he has continued to work with more athletes as well as non-athletes on strength, speed, and conditioning goals. He has coached youth, high school, and collegiate athletes in a variety of speed and power sports. ​Postema is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a USATF Level 1 coach, and a contributor to Stack Media.