7 Best Lacrosse Websites

  • February 27, 2015
  • / By Tom

best lacrosse websites

Whether you are a hardcore fan of the sport or are a player looking to improve your game, there are many good sites out there to get you the information you crave. Below are the best lacrosse websites for providing stats, news, and scores for fans, as well as training tips for athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

US Lacrosse

The US Lacrosse website, at www.uslacrosse.org, is full of information about the sport of lacrosse, particularly as it pertains to athletes in the United States. This information can be great for beginner players and parents who know little about the sport. The site has details on rules, events, and plenty of instructional articles for both coaches and players.

There are detailed rule information for leagues for men, women, boys, and girls, so you can get the specific rules that apply to you. There are also resources to find camps, practicing safety, and designing fields with the proper dimensions. They also have online courses for coaches who want to get certified in coaching the sport.

This is a non-profit organization that is trying to further the sport in the United States, where it is still very unknown to many people. The organization has 7 major goals – make the sport safer, train and certify coaches, train and certify officials, create opportunities to play, elevate the sport’s visibility, pioneer national standards, and educate the lacrosse community. You can read more about them at this link.

Lacrosse Magazine

Lacrosse Magazine’s website, at www.laxmagazine.com, covers the sport for fans. This covers a broad range of leagues, including college men, college women, high school boys, high school girls, the MLL, the NLL, and international lacrosse. This is the place to stop if you are a fan of all leagues and it also has training tips and information for players.

National Lacrosse League

The NLL, or National Lacrosse Leagues is a professional box lacrosse league that has teams from both the United States and Canada. They play indoors, with a schedule that runs from January to May. The first season of the league was in 1987 and there are currently 9 teams in the league. 5 of the teams are in the United States – Georgia, Connecticut, Colorada, and 2 in New York. There are 4 Canadian teams – Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Saskatchewan.

You can find their website at www.nll.com. This site covers news, scores, schedules, standings, stats, the broadcast schedule and more. You can also look for tickets to upcoming games and purchase official team gear.

Major League Lacrosse

The MLL, or Major League Lacrosse, is a semi-professional Men’s league that started playing games in the United States in 2001. They currently have 9 teams, which are in Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and 2 teams in New York. Their website, at www.majorleaguelacrosse.com, covers the sport.

Fans of the sport can keep up with all the news, standings, and info of the league on the website. This includes scores, schedules, highlights, photo galleries, and more of your favorite players and teams. You can also look for available tickets if you are hoping to catch a game in person, and by your favorite team’s official gear. The season begins in April and ends with the Championship game in August.

Federation of International Lacrosse

The Federation of International Lacrosse, at filacrosse.com, covers the international aspects of the sport, as the name implies. This includes information on rules, upcoming events, and more.

Inside Lacrosse

Inside Lacrosse, at www.insidelacrosse.com, covers college and MLL scores and news through opinion articles, game coverage, and more. They also have resources for athletes, including training tips and good recruiting information to know.


LAXPower, at www.laxpower.com, also covers the sport for fans in a comprehensive manner. This includes sections for men, women, boys, and girls lacrosse, with articles, photos, and scores. There are also forums for fans to communicate and resources for coaches and athletes. These resources include information on rules, camps, drills, and coaching jobs.


Lacrosse may still be a relatively small sport across the world in general, and parts of the United States in particular, but there are still plenty of great resources out there for both fans and players of the sport. This list of best lacrosse websites gives you an idea of some of the high quality information that is out there helping to promote the sport.

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