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The Best Medicine Ball Core Workout

Medicine balls are an excellent tool for developing overall power in all of the major muscle groups. While most people think of upper body plyometrics and throws when thinking of med balls, they can do much more. They can be very helpful in core training and the workout below challenges the abs, obliques, and lower back. […]

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The Medicine Ball Leg workout

There are plenty of great exercises you can use medicine balls for, but most people don’t realize you can also use them in your lower body training. The medicine ball workout below is designed to specifically target all of the leg muscles in one short but intense training session. ​ Photo By: shay sowden The Medicine […]

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Low Volume 5k Training Program

If you have dealt with overuse injuries in the past or have limited time, you can still use a 5k training program that has low volume to keep you healthy while improving your speed.This program assumes a few things: You can only run 3 days per week, either due to time or fear of overuse […]

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