How Much Does the CSCS Test Cost?

  • November 17, 2014
  • / By Tom

In 2015, the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam became administered by Pearson VUE, which simplified the NSCA CSCS test cost. You can find a chart that shows the fees below: 

Member Fee

Non-Member Fee

Registration Fee



Retake Fee - Both Sections



Retake Fee - One Section



The member rates only apply to individuals who have the student or professional membership, and not the associate memberships. You can find out more about NSCA memberships here

The current membership rates, as of 2016, are $65 for student membership, and $120 for professional membership, so you can see that it definitely is worth it to get an NSCA membership before you register for the exam.

UPDATE: The CSCS test cost information below is from a former version of the test. As of 2016, these are no longer relevant. You can find more information on preparing for the CSCS certification exam here.

CSCS Paper/Pencil Exam Cost

The NSCA offers testing at several locations at various points throughout the year. Make sure to check the list as soon as possible to see if a test will be available at a location near you. If you don’t like computer tests, this is your only option. You can find available dates and locations of the test from the NSCA here. If the times or locations don’t fit your schedule, the computer test is the other option.

If you aren’t a member, it is much more expensive to register ($135). However, the non-member option probably isn’t one anyone will take. Why? You can become a professional member for just $120 per year. This qualifies you for the cheaper price. It only save s $15, but you also get a years worth of other benefits that comes with being a member. If you are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, even better. You can get the student membership for $65, which qualifies you for the discount. For more information on memberships, check here.

Computer Testing

Computer testing is a great option if you prefer computer tests, or if there isn’t a good time/location for you to take the exam. This testing may also be more flexible for your schedule. There are several locations across the United States, often at H&R Block offices. You can find testing locations here.

Non-member pricing is also available. As stated above, it is probably worth it to become a member just for the discounted registration cost.

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