3 Best Golf Websites

  • February 23, 2015
  • / By Tom

golf websites

There are many great golf websites out there with information on tips, techniques, and strategies as well as sites with information for fans of the sport. Below you will find a list with some of the best websites for golf.

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is a monthly magazine that began publication in 1959 and is owned by Time Inc., the same company that owns sports illustrated, among other magazines. The information has technique, training, and tips for all levels of golfers as well as ideas on what courses to travel to and what equipment to try out.

Their website, at www.golf.com, is full of all kinds of information on everything related to the sport. There is plenty of news information for fans of the PGA, including scores. leaderboards, schedules, and more that can keep you current with all the happenings in the professional golf world.

There is also an instructional section with articles on the topics of driving, irons, short game, putting, and handicaps. There is also information on traveling that consists of the top courses in the world, the United States, and public courses. There is also information on traveling to high end resorts for a bit of a golf getaway.

Golf Digest

Golf Digest is a classic American golfing magazine that was first printed in 1950 and is now a part of Conde Nast publications. The magazine is well known for publishing its “100 Greatest Golf Courses” list each year as well as similar lists for public courses and courses that are outside of the United States.

Their website, at www.golfdigest.com, is full of information on improving your golf game. One of their best features may be their “My Handicap” tool, which helps you calculate what your exact handicap should be based on all of your historical score information you input. You can constantly keep track of your handicap so it is always updated when you are ready to play a round. If you have ever tried keeping track of your handicap by hand with your own math, you know how valuable this can be.

The articles on their site cover a wide array of information, including equipment, instruction, and courses. Their articles cover almost any topic related to improving your golf score including technique, instructional videos, and sports psychology. There are also more fun and entertaining types of articles, often dealing with the news.

Golf Channel

The Golf Channel, at www.golfchannel.com, has a website for the cable TV channel. The channel was started in 1995 and has been a favorite of golfers ever since. The TV channel has all kinds of golf-related programming, including live coverage of pro tournaments and a bevy of different instructional shows for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

Their website is loading with everything you could think of related to the world of golf. This includes news, coverage of tournaments, and even a place to join a fantasy league to compete against friends and strangers. Fantasy golf can be tricky, especially if you are not a hardcore fan of the professional side of the sport, but it is a good way to have fun with friends and keep up with the PGA.

There are also great instructional articles for both casual and dedicated golfers. Many of these articles come with videos so you can really see what the instructors are talking about being put into action. It’s also easy to search if you want to work on something specific, say chipping, for example. This allows you to really zero in on whatever aspect of your game you want to boost now.

There are also tons of other help for golfers besides just the technical articles and videos. There is also information on how to travel, what equipment you need to get to help your game, as well as recommendations for the best places around the world to go golfing with you and your buddies.


These are hardly the only golf websites out there, but they are definitely 3 of the best. All 3 of these sites can keep you up to date with news on the professional side of the sport, while also giving you plenty of instructional videos to help you reduce your handicap and impress your friends.
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