5 Good Online Strength and Conditioning Courses

online strength and conditioning courses

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Are you looking to further your career or just break in as a strength coach? There are a small handful of online strength and conditioning courses that can offer you anything from just furthering your knowledge to continuing education or a full coaching certification. Below are some of the best courses that you can find.

Human Kinetics CSCS Course

Human Kinetics offers an online CSCS study course that helps students prepare for the NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam.  It is mean as a review companion for those looking to take the certification exam. It also comes with a practice test that can be completed at the end.

Taking this course alone won’t get you certified for anything. It is mean to prepare you for the CSCS exam. It also counts as continuing education for several different organizations. For more information on the CSCS test, you can check out this guide.

  • Does it offer certification? No, but it reviews for the exam
  • Does it count as continuing education? Yes for ACSM, AEA, BOC, CATA, Human Kinetics, NFPT, NSCA, OSHF, REPS
  • Current Price – $199.00

ISSA Strength and Conditioning Certification Course

The International Sports Sciences Association offers a strength and conditioning certification course that can be done entirely through online and home study. This is one of the best certs available for strength coaches who want to have everything handled online.

The course comes with the 530 page text Specialist in Sports Conditioning, written by Thomas D. Fahey, EdD. You can keep the book as a reference even after you are finished. You also receive a workbook and a handy study guide DVD. The ISSA also offers a level 2 certification to those who have completed level 1.

  • Does it offer certification? Yes
  • Does it count as continuing education? Yes for some organizations
  • Current Price – $499.00

ACE Sports Conditioning Specialty

The American Council on Exercise offers a Sports Conditioning Specialty Certification that can be done entirely online. It is aimed specifically at coaches or personal trainers who works with athletes. It will help them better understand how to work with sports teams and design training programs.

This is less of a true strength and conditioning cert than the others on the list. It works best as an add-on if you are a personal trainer who is planning to work with more athletes. To get this designation, you must already have one the the accredited prerequisite designations.

  • Does it offer certification? Yes
  • Does it count as continuing education? Yes, for ACE, ACSM, The Cooper Institute, NASM, NCSF, NFPT
  • Current Price – $399.00, payment plan available

NFHS Strength and Conditioning

The National Federation of State High School Associations offers tons of great educational courses on their site, including one for strength and conditioning. Their course is done in partnership with the NSCA. As the name implies, it is targeted at high school coaches who want to further their education.

If you are a high school strength coach or a sports coach who works with athletes in the weight room, this is a great starter course. At $50, depending on your state, it is a great value when compared to the others listed here. For an introductory course to learn the basics, you can’t go wrong here.

If you are looking to get certified, you will need to take other courses with this. The exact courses depend on what sport you want to specialize in. They offer a Level 1 Accredited Interscholastic Coach (AIC) and a Level 2 Certified Interscholastic Coach (CIC) option.

  • Does it offer certification? Yes, when taken with other courses
  • Does it count as continuing education? *Not listed
  • Current Price – $50.00, depending on state

IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Certification

The International Youth Conditioning Association offers the HSSCS certification for strength coaches who work with youth and high school athletes. The course focuses on several important aspects relevant to younger athletes. The most unique aspect for it is long-term athletic development.

The class is accessed online and can be done at your own pace. The instructors are Wil Fleming, Mike Robertson, and Eric Cressey. They offer the course study materials in digital or physical format, with both currently being the same price. You can earn the HSSCS certification by passing both the course and the background check.

  • Does it offer certification? Yes,
  • Does it count as continuing education? *Not listed
  • Current Price – $299.95

Taking one of these online strength and conditioning courses is a great idea for strength coaches. Furthering your education, whether by getting a designation or not, will make you a better coach for your athletes while boosting your resume at the same time.


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