Healthy Snacks for your Home Party

Whether you are hosting a big Super Bowl bash or just inviting a few friends over for a tuesday night, the challenge of what food to have for a party is overwhelming. Generally, parties lead to overeating carbohydrate based foods, like chips, soft drinks, and sweets. It’s important to know you can have good tasting food without throwing your diet out of whack. You may want to have some of your friends’ favorite snack options to eat, but you can add these healthy items to your menu and save some for yourself:

  • Naked Chicken Wings – These are high in protein, which can help fill you up. Chicken items are best served naked or plain. If you must use a sauce, don’t overdo it.
  • Turkey Burgers – Another high protein option. Try wrapping them in a leaf of lettuce instead of a bun for bonus points.
  • Shrimp – More delicious protein.
  • Almonds – Healthy nuts are a common option for snacking. Have them plain so they are not coated in too much junk.
  • Veggie Tray – A wide variety of fresh vegetables is a great snack choice. Just be sure to stay away from or really limit the dips that you add to the veggies. Some people end up having more dip than vegetables.

There are plenty more healthy options for your home party. What are yours?