The Teri Hatcher workout and diet

  • April 18, 2015
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Teri Hatcher has had a long and successful acting career and has managed to stay lean and fit because of a commitment to proper diet and exercise. 

While she doesn't necessarily follow any specific workout routine or diet plan, she does focus on staying active and getting in quality nutrition. ​

This commitment to health and fitness has helped her to stay in shape throughout her career, which includes long stints starring in the TV series Desperate Housewives and ​as Lois Lane opposite Dean Cain in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Teri Hatcher workout and diet

Teri Hatcher - Photo By: Alan Light

The Teri Hatcher workout

An article with Prevention looked at what Hatcher does to stay fit, despite a busy schedule. Her workouts need to be efficient, such as the short circuit below that really only requires a pair of dumbbells and a chair.

All exercises are completed consecutively, with no rest until the end. You can perform the circuit as many times as you like, either back-to-back or mixed in throughout your work day as it should only take a few minutes. 







Biceps curls


Shoulder presses




Crunch with 5 second hold


Abdominal crunches


Chair dips


This circuit shouldn't take that long to complete and can be done quickly at any point throughout the day. To make it more challenging, you can choose a heavier dumbbell or repeat the circuit 2-3 times, taking only a short break, such as 1 or 2 minutes, between circuits. 

These short workout routines help fit into Hatcher's busy lifestyle. She talked about the challenges of being a busy mother and finding time to exercise in an article on DailyMail

Teri HatcherOn finding time to exercise

So I think, you can't find an hour in your day but you can find 10 minutes, a few times a day. So I worked out this kind of weight training circuit thing that I can do in 10 minutes and I do that throughout the day. That takes care of toning. And then I'll try a few times a week to go out for a hike, or a run, or a bike ride to do something cardio. 

Lifting weights and doing some light cardio is hardly the only kind of training that Hatcher has done. When she turned 45, she got more interested in biking and has even went on to compete in the Malibu Triathlon. 

While she wasn't scared of aging, she looked at it as a challenge. She decided to turn that aging into a goal of completing a triathlon. She was able to complete the goal by a combination of free weight lifting, swimming, biking, and hiking. ​

When she set the goal, she decided to dive right in. Hatcher would eventually work her way up to 150 kilometer weeks on the bicycle, combined with resistance training circuits as well as long hikes on a hilly course with her dogs. 

The Teri Hatcher diet

While Hatcher doesn't follow a specific diet, she tries to focus on healthy foods and enjoys eating different superfoods, such as salmon, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. She doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, which means she has no problem staying away from excessive sugar. 

Teri HatcherOn what type of diet she follows                 

I eat healthily. I don't diet at all. I love food, but I'm one of those girls who would rather have a bowl of pasta than sugar, or a dessert. So I eat a lot of protein and fruits and vegatables. 

This type of eating can fit great in any diet plan. A focus on high quality nutrition, such as lean protein, vegetables, and fruits can be the basis for almost any good diet. This is the time of eating that is both good for you and makes you look good. 


Hatcher has had many major roles in both movies and television over the course of her career. While she is well known for playing Lois Lane and Susan Mayer, her focus on a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise have contributed to a stellar career. 

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