4 Great Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for your volleyball team can be a difficult task. Whether you need new uniforms, training equipment, or just some extra cash to run normal operations, finding good volleyball fundraising ideas can be tricky.

You’ve probably heard all the usual fundraising concepts, like car washes and bake sales. While those may work for you, you are going to have to try different things to see what works best for you. If you or your team has a specific skill or ability, then take advantage of that if it can be turned into a fundraising opportunity.

Here are 4 unique volleyball fundraising ideas that you may want to consider:

  • Custom gear – Sites like fundraising.com offer custom clothing, apparel, and other gear that you get to keep a percentage of the profits. You’ll want to shop around on these to see not just what offers the best percentage, but which sites offer gear that your community will actually want.
  • Sponsorships – A lot of companies prefer to have their name associated with something specific and more permanent. For example, if you are in need of a new scoreboard for your team, you can reach out to businesses to sponsor it. They would pay for the cost of the scoreboard in exchange for being listed as the sponsor of it. A better idea may be to sell ad space each year on the scoreboard. You can have 4-5 available spaces and have the businesses “bid”, with the space going to the highest bidder.
  • Camps or clinics – This is a great way to use the team’s volleyball knowledge to raise funds. The coach, or perhaps a qualified guest, can lead the camp and you can have the athletes on the team assist and coach the younger athletes. College teams can offer clinics for high school teams or a high school team can set up a camp for youth volleyball players. You can combine the sponsorship idea from above and look for ways to get local business involved to reduce the costs. If you are giving a t-shirt away to all registrants at your camp, reach out to business and see if they want to sponsor the shirt in exchange for having their logo displayed on the back. This is a win-win because you can get the shirts for free and the business potentials gets some cheap advertising for potentially several years.
  • Fundraising campaign websites – You have probably heard of the fundraising websites that have been popping up in recent years. Sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe are among the most popular of these. They allow you to set up a webpage and ask for donations for your team in exchange for a small gift or for nothing at all. You can encourage people to send traffic to the page through social media or other ways to encourage the local community to contribute. You can even set campaign goals to help encourage more contributions. You want to make the goal high, but reasonable so donors aren’t turned away.

These certainly aren’t the only volleyball fundraising ideas that exist, but should get your creative juices flowing. Your team may have a special skill that isn’t on this list. Just make your best judgement as to what will work for you and be open to trying new things.

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