4 Girls Volleyball Drills for Beginners

Drills are crucial for learning and improving techniques needed to succeed in volleyball. They can be used to practice all the skills needed without the pressure of performing them in a match.

Getting a large volume of quality reps is important for all of these drills. Coaches should get creative and look for ways to get multiple athletes drilling at once. One way to do this is to use a wall for drills where it makes sense. It would be easy to get a lot of practice reps setting, for example, and many athletes could be doing this at once.

Here are 4 great girls volleyball drills for beginners that focus on the fundamentals of bumping, setting, and spiking:

3 Line Bump Drill

The 3 line bump drill can get athletes many repetitions pretty quickly to work on bumping technique. There will be 3 lines on both sides of the net, with the lines being across from their counterpart on the other side. Athletes on one side of the net will be responsible for tossing the ball over to the bumping side. The receiving side will obviously be responsible for bumping it back to the other side. After a while, you switch the receiving side to be the passing side and vice versa. When the players get comfortable with this drill, you can implement more advanced concepts into this. You can have the passers make inaccurate passes on purpose, so the bumpers have to practice from different angles. You can also have it passed over their head so they have to bump backwards.

Wall Setting Drill

What’s great about using a wall is that you can have multiple athletes getting a ton of reps in at once. They simply set the volleyball into the wall, and as long as they are reasonably accurate it will come right back to them. This teaches touch and positioning. This can be practiced from different heights and posture to get used to setting the ball from different angles. Set a goal of aiming for many different points and heights on the wall.

Superman Passing Drill

This drills shows athletes how to read passes from teammates. You can use 2 or more athletes who rotate. The goal is to get into position to receive a pass. As you can see in the video below, the players don’t actually receive the pass. This is done to speed up the drill. They simply get in position with the goal being to have the ball drop between their legs, while having proper posture. If they hit the ball back in any way, it would take extra time to retrieve the balls.

Shuffle Hitting Drill

This is a blocking drill that is used for learning positioning and technique. The athletes shuffle to the proper position where the volleyball is incoming and then perform 3 jumps with proper blocking technique.You can have a group of athletes rotating in on this drill. Make sure they perform reps going in both directions a mix it up when they get comfortable. They want to be used to blocking from different directions and angles. Performing multiple jumps serves 2 purposes: getting extra reps at the technique and getting used to the times that multiple jumps are necessary. You can also mix up the distance they need to travel and the number of jumps they need to perform. This can be modified to be used for both blocking and spiking.

These are hardly the only girls volleyball drills you can do, but they are among the most fundamentally important. Once these drills are mastered, you can start to incorporate more advance drills into the practice schedule.

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