4 Reasons to Consider a Home Gym

At one point in time or another most people come up with this thought: Wouldn’t it be great to have a gym or certain fitness equipment in my own home/garage? The thought is very tempting, for many reasons:

  1. Time – Having a gym in your house or garage can be a massive time saver. If you have a rather long trip to get to your workout or training facility, you don’t need me to tell you how frustrating that can be. Even if you have a quick trip, say 5-10 minutes, that can be a major drain on time. If it is that long, and you are driving there and back several times a week, it can add up quickly. And don’t you dare forget something at home! A gym on your property can be always just a few steps away.
  2. Flexibility – Think about all the beautiful equipment found in gyms all over the world and try to guess what percentage you actually use consistently. Now think of all the cool equipment and training tools you would love for that facility to have if you were in charge. Having a home gym with all the same equipment as a commercial gym would be mighty expensive. But the truth is you only need to have a fraction of that stuff to get a quality workout in. If you design your facility, you can have all tools and equipment you need. You have total control. If you want a 26 kilogram kettlebell for your training sessions, you can get one and always have it available. If you never use an elliptical machine, you don’t have to have one!
  3. Convenience – This is obvious. It can be very easy to train whenever and however you want or need. You don’t have to worry about travel, bad weather, waiting, hours or anything like that. One of the more frustrating aspects of a commercial gym is being restrained by their hours and openings/closings during certain holidays. If you are on a strict training program, this can be a planning/logistics nightmare.
  4. Freedom – By this I mean freedom in everything. Do you like to blast music as loud as you can or listen to something quiet and relaxing. Do you sometimes have to train at weird hours of the day or night? How does it sound to never have to wait for a squat rack, a treadmill, or the proper weight dumbbell to open up so you can use it?

This obviously is only looking at the positives of a home or garage gym. There obviously can be many, many negatives. Do you have enough room? How expensive will the equipment you need be? What if something breaks? There are many negatives, with price and space being the main downfall. If those aren’t an issue for you, you should certainly consider planning for your own home gym.

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