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The Chris Evans Captain America workout and diet

Captain America has become one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters thanks in no small part to the portrayal by Chris Evans. Evans has earned fans across the globe playing the heroic alter ego of Steve Rogers in several films since his debut in Captain America: The First Avenger. ​You can see what his workout and […]

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How to leg press without a machine

Leg press machines can be a pricey piece of equipment and not all home or commercial gyms have one.  Luckily, there are several ways to do the leg press without a machine. The exercises below mimic the basic premise of the leg press machine by targeting the quad muscles and challenging the lower body. They […]

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How to do leg extensions without a machine

There are a few ways you can do close exercise variations of leg extensions without a machine. Leg extensions are a popular lower body exercise, but not everyone has access to a machine as they are too expensive for most home gym set ups and not every commercial fitness center has one. One important option […]

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5 Best Leg Extension Alternatives

The leg extension machine might be one of the most popular exercises for the lower body in your gym, but that doesn’t mean you should do them in every training session. Below are 5 of the best leg extension alternatives for your workout. Whether you don’t have access to a machine or if you would […]

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What muscles does the leg extension machine work?

Obviously, the leg extension machine targets the muscles in the lower body, but which specific ones it hits during the exercise can be a little trickier to determine. So what muscles does the leg extension machine work? A common leg extension machine – Photo By: Amanda Mills Muscles directly worked – quadriceps Muscles indirectly worked – […]

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