Adidas AdiZero Discus/Hammer Throwing Shoes Review

  • March 19, 2015
  • / By Tom
Adidas Adizero Discus/Hammer Throwing Shoes Review

2016 Navy/ White/ Green Model

Adidas has been a well-known athletic apparel brand for decades and they have been making track and field shoes for throwers for many years. The Adidas AdiZero Discus/Hammer throwing shoes are now on version 2.0

The AdiZero Discus/Hammer shoes have a smooth and flat bottom. While not as fast as the Nike Zoom Rotationals or the Saucony Unleash SDs, the flatter bottom can make it ideal for hammer throwers, as it will be more natural to perform heel-toe turns.

Being on version 2.0 means that the main style and framework of the shoe stays the same from year-to-year. Usually each year, though, they will release a version 2.0 with an updated color scheme and design look. The basic structure, function, and material remains the same.

Best Events: These are made primarily for discus and hammer events, as the name implies. Many others enjoy using them for shot put as well, especially if they are spinners. The ideal event would be the hammer and weight, as the flat bottom makes it a little easier to get beginners to do repeat heel-toe turns.

Discus throwers and spin shot putters may prefer something that allows them to stay on their toes better. The flatness can make that a little more difficult or awkward. Other rotational shoes are designed with a raised toe with the idea that that will make it a little easier to hit positions. If you prefer the flat bottom, though, this is versatile enough to be used for weight, hammer, and discus throwing or even the shot put – glide or spin.

Best Uses: This is one of the more versatile choices you can find, as it can be used from beginners to more advanced athletes. It is relatively fast, but far from the fastest available and it doesn’t sacrifice technical stability or balance. In fact, you could argue that it prioritizes technical stability.

Hammer throwers who prefer a flat bottom may find this to be their best option. These may also be helpful for offseason or preseason training, despite their price, because they are known to be very durable and can help to develop or enhance proper technique.

I think these are a great option for middle school or high school track and field athletes if the budget allows it. Beginners especially might find it easier to learn the technique on a flatter, more stable shoe. This way they can’t “cheat” into the right positions, they have to learn how to hit those positions with proper form.

The official product description, from Adidas:

Specifically designed for the circular motion of hammer and discus, these adizero 2.0 track shoes by Adidas keep your anchor foot locked in for greater power. They feature a sturdy hook-and-loop closure and a carbon rubber ADIWEAR™ outsole.

Price: These are usually one of the most, if not the most, expensive throwing shoe on the market in the United States. However, they are among the most durable and are not cheaply made at all. Because the shoe is relatively flatter, you rarely run into the common problem of specific wear in certain spots. Often, the toes of the right shoe will wear out quickly for right handed athletes who compete in shot put and discus. With these being flatter, the wear is more evenly distributed.

The Adidas AdiZero Discus/Hammer throwing shoes are among the most expensive option you’ll find, but their versatility and durability can make them worth it. If you are looking for a flat bottom throwing shoe that can be used for any of the rotational events, this is one of the best values you will find.

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