Beach Sand Volleyball Court Dimensions

  • December 29, 2014
  • / By Tom

Beach Sand Volleyball Court Dimensions

Beach volleyball is identical to indoor volleyball in many ways, with just few differences. Some of these are obvious differences and some aren’t. You can find the official sand volleyball court dimensions for beaches below.

Sand Volleyball Court Dimensions – 16 meters long by 8 meters wide

A beach volleyball court is actually slightly smaller than an indoor volleyball court, which is 18 meters long by 9 meters wide. There are a few other differences between the 2 courts. Obviously, outdoor beach volleyball is played on, well, sand, while an indoor court isn’t. There is also not attack line in sand volleyball.

Players also usually play barefoot in the sand, while that clearly isn’t recommended indoors. There are a handful of other unique differences between the 2 different types of volleyball as well, but in general, the game play is very similar to the casual observer.

Many casual volleyball players will have their own outdoor volleyball courts in their backyard or at a nearby park. These dimensions might not always be official. They may just be whatever fits with the property or makes sense there. If you are planning any type of official tournaments or competition, check with your governing body to make sure all dimensions are other rules are in place and being properly enforced.

If you are setting up your own outdoor volleyball court for yourself and friends, your rules can be more casual and whatever you like. You may like to play in the sand if it is available, but most people will just play on grass. Rarely does someone want to tear up their yard so they can put in a big sand pit unless they are a very dedicated player. Most people also probably don’t have a beach in their yard.

If you are setting up your own court on your property, these sand volleyball court dimensions that are used on beaches make a great starting point.

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