5 Classic Weight Throw Videos

  • March 22, 2015
  • / By Tom

The weight throw has been a staple of indoor track and field in the United States for decades. You can check out these classic weight throw videos below from some of the best to ever pick up the implement.

Lance Deal

Deal, who also holds the American Record in the hammer throw, holds the world record for both outdoor and indoor 35 pound weight throw for men. You can see video of him competing in the indoor weight throw below. He was not only the 1996 Silver Medalist in the hammer throw at the Atlanta Olympic Games and a 9-time U.S. Champion in the hammer throw, but also won the United States Indoor Weight Throw Championships an amazing 12 times. His indoor world record in the weight throw is from a distance of 25.86 meters, or 84 feet and 10 1/4 inches, from 1995.

Brittany Riley

Riley, while competing for Southern Illinois University, set world records in both the indoor and outdoor 20 pound weight throw for women. On March 10, 2007, she threw a distance of 25.56 meters indoors. You can see video footage of the throw below. She also had a throw of 24.57 meters outdoors.

Jud Logan

Logan, a four-time Olympian in the hammer throw for the United States and former American record holder in the hammer with a throw of 268 feet and 8 inches, was an 80 foot weight thrower who won 4 U.S. titles in the event. You can see him in competition two-turning the weight below.

Erin Gilreath

Gilreath has a personal best of 24.46 meters, or 80 feet and 3 inches, from 2005. You can see her competing in 2005 at the Hoosier Hills Invite with a toss of 79 feet and 6 inches below. Gilreath was a 2004 Olympian for the United States in the hammer throw event.

Libor Charfreitag

Charfreitag, from Slovakia, has a personal best of 81.81 meters in the hammer throw and is a 3-time Olympian in the event. He also competed in the weight throw while attending Southern Methodist University and continued after graduating. He also has the second best mark of all time in the men’s weight throw, with a distance of 25.68 meters in 2005. You can see video of him competing at the University of Findlay, Ohio in the video below with a throw of 24.88 meters.

These weight throw videos show you how amazing it is too see athletes that can make moving a 35 or 20 pound weight appear effortless. If you liked this, be sure to also check out the hammer list.

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