Weight Throw World Records

The weight throw is a fun and exciting track and field event that has been competed primarily in America for decades. The event is primarily contested indoors. Although it is the least well-known of the throwing events, it still has many fans.

With the event primarily contested in the United States, it only makes sense that Americans have dominated the record book. The event is also occasionally contested as an exhibition throughout the world and some variation of it is used as a training tool by many hammer throwers.

The weight throw is not an official track and field event. Therefore, the event technically doesn’t have world records that are ratified by the IAAF. The marks below are recognized as unofficial world records, or all-time world bests.

Men’s 35 pound Weight Throw World Records

Indoor – Lance Deal, 25.86m, 1995

Outdoor – Lance Deal, 25.41m, 1993

Deal threw the 35 pound weight 25.41 meters, or 83’4.5″ outdoors on February 2, 1993 in Azusa, California. He threw the indoor weight 25.86 meters, or 84’10.25″ in Atlanta, Georgia on March 4, 1995. The mark was set at the 1995 USATF Indoor Championships and obviously also the American and meet record. You can see some old-school footage of Deal competing in the weight throw in the video below.

Women’s 20 pound Weight Throw World Records

Indoor – Brittany Riley, 25.56m, 2007

Outdoor – Brittany Riley, 24.57m, 2007

Riley threw the 20 pound weight 24.57 meters, or 80’7.5″ outdoors on January 27, 2007. She threw a mark of 25.56 meters, or 83’10.25″ on March 10, 2007. Both marks were set while competing for Southern Illinois University. You can see video of her indoor record throw below.

While the weight throw has a mixed reputation in the throwing community, it is still a fun and exciting event to watch and compete in. The event draws the most attention when it is contested in America at the national level at the USATF and NCAA championships.

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